Do you want a verdant lawn, but don’t want it to be as needy as real grass? Artificial turf is a great eco-friendly alternative to real grass lawns. It saves you water and electricity needed for maintenance, while looking lush and green as ever.

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Your synthetic lawn will not only leave your wallet be, it will also give you a peace of mind. You won’t have to manage watering your lawn – it will look fabulous even in scorching sun. You will have to put in some maintenance effort, but incomparably less than in a real lawn. If you have kids or pets, synthetic grass San Diego can also turn out to be safer. The reason is that the ground is more levelled when synthetic grass is installed, which reduces the risk of falling and slipping during running and playing. For the same reason it is easier to spot unwanted objects or animals in artificial turf (for example, snakes).

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One of the very few problems with artificial grass is the heating problem. Real grass has natural transpiration mechanism, which allows it to release accumulated heat. Synthetic grass lacks this property, but this can be mitigated. Ralco Landscapes & Maintenance can help you remedy the heat issue on all turf.

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We install all brands of synthetic turf, since we purchase directly from suppliers and are not constrained to sell what we manufacture. As an alternative, if you prefer to do the turf shopping, we can provide full labor for installation and base compaction while you provide the turf, infill and nails.

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Artificial turf is the way to go if you want a luxurious lawn without the hassle. And we all know that in our sunny San Diego climate it takes a lot of effort and money to maintain an attractive natural grass lawn. Save water and your time and money – install artificial turf. Let us arrange an onsite estimate and provide samples. We provide great input and can assist you in making your turf installation a success. Call us today!


Pile Height: >1 5/8″
Face Weight: >80 oz

Has blade dimension and includes thatching. Thicker so needs less infill. The most realistic.
Pet Friendly!

10-15 Year Life Expectancy


Pile Height: >1 3/4″
Face Weight: >40 oz
Gauge: 3/8″Field Green/Olive Green Polyethylene

Has blade dimension, with long blades and little to no thatching.
Pet Friendly!

10-15 Year Life Expectancy

Putting Golf Green

Pile Height: >1 1/4″
Face Weight: >34 oz.

Golf Green Polypropylene Slit-Film

10-15 Year Life Expectancy


Pile Height: >1″
Face Weight: >48 oz

A truly versatile landscape solution. This artificial grass surface can be installed over concrete, decking and more. Its low-infill design makes it a perfect light weight rooftop solution and can along with all EasyTurf products can help qualify for LEED credits.

10-15 Year Life Expectancy