Consider This Before You Plunge Into Your Backyard Landscaping Design San Diego

July 31, 2017


Prepare well and you are already half way to completion. This goes for virtually any task, including backyard landscaping design San Diego. If you’ve ever done any kind of home improvement project, you know how complicated they can get in almost no time. Hassle, delays, damage, unexpected costs, you name it. Avoid all that by answering these questions before feeding your old backyard to the bobcat.

#1 What do you want to achieve?

Do you know exactly why you want a backyard makeover? Granted, people are sometimes simply fed up with the same problems and inadequacies in their home and they decide to change them. On other occasions, however, people just want a change. Maybe they’ve seen a gorgeous backyard and want something similar or they are simply bored of their good old backyard.

Therefore, the first consideration to make is what precisely you want to achieve with your backyard landscaping design San Diego. Do you want a backyard geared towards entertaining or relaxing? Do you want a space for your kids and pets or a place to grow plants, and maybe even edibles? Do you want a backyard that allows you to easily get around? Do you want to improve your home’s resale value? Not only should you identify your overall goals, you should also prioritize them.

#2 Who will do it?

Experienced DIY enthusiasts can take on some aspects of landscape design. However, if your design is on a larger scale, including hardscape, you’d do best if you hired a professional. Coordinating vendors, taking into account property-specific limitations and many other factors requires expertise that you likely don’t possess.

#3 What’s your budget?

Set a budget and give your backyard landscaping design San Diego some perimeter, so to speak. Outline your comfort zone from the start so you don’t get carried away by the details. It’s all too easy for costs to pile up. Received wisdom is that your landscaping budget shouldn’t exceed 10 to 15% of your home’s value.

A special note: what we mean by budget is the cost of carrying out the project plus projected maintenance costs in the near future. A natural lawn and lush greenery may require an old hand to maintain, as opposed to artificial turf and landscaping rocks.

#4 What rules, regulations or codes do you have to look out for?

Are there any HOA rules and regulations that you should take into account before you buy the plants and order the retaining walls? Check what regulations and zoning codes apply to your home before you get into the nitty-gritty.

#5 What’s your design style?

The results of your project will be enhanced if you take care that your interior design, architecture and landscape all flow naturally into one another. When the design style of all three matches, a sense of unity and harmony pervades the home. To find out more about this topic, you may be interested in reading our post on matching your pavers’ color to the rest of your home and property.

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