How to Make the Best of Your Small Backyard

October 18, 2017

San Diego landscape contractors - wonders with small backyardsThey say good things come in small packages. This goes for your teeny tiny backyard as well. With a few clever design ideas, you can have your very own modest yet delightful hideaway so there’s no need to settle for less! Whether you dream of a lush natural garden and versatile rockscape, want to keep it simple by having a natural or artificial turf (even if you have pets) paired with a low-maintenance paver, or remain undecided about your landscape design, trustworthy San Diego landscape contractors can make any idea come to life and transform your backyard into your private piece of heaven!

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Why Do Landscape Design Companies San Diego Love Xeriscaping?

September 28, 2017

Aren’t you in awe of those picture-perfect gardens you see in catalogues? Don’t you wish your own garden would be just as amazing? Don’t you want to wake up to lush greenery lavishly decorated with gloriously colored flowers? Too bad your actual garden is a yellowish sunbaked ghost-town for plants.

You’ve probably already considered giving your outdoor space a makeover, but never got round to it, or gave up quickly. The hot San Diego climate can even make you think that you have a brown thumb. But there’s a way to fix that.

Your garden can be an utterly delightful sight even in an environment where water is scarce, as hot climate and xeriscaping are a match made in heaven. Add some all-natural rockscaping and a tucked away sitting area into the mix, and you’ll end up with the perfect garden.

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Paver – a Practical Addition to Your Yard

September 21, 2017

Looks aren’t everything, at least when it comes to landscaping. You want practicality and functionality in addition to having a splendid view. In this respect, a sturdy paver can make a world of difference. All you need is a comprehensive approach to planning your paver.

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Consider This Before You Plunge Into Your Backyard Landscaping Design San Diego

July 31, 2017


Prepare well and you are already half way to completion. This goes for virtually any task, including backyard landscaping design San Diego. If you’ve ever done any kind of home improvement project, you know how complicated they can get in almost no time. Hassle, delays, damage, unexpected costs, you name it. Avoid all that by answering these questions before feeding your old backyard to the bobcat.

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San Diego Landscaping Rocks: What You Want To Know

June 26, 2017

Here are some of the most frequent questions that people have asked Google in connection with landscaping rocks. We have answered them here, but we are more than willing to discuss any questions you have regarding San Diego landscaping rocks in person. Contact us today and tell us more about what you have in mind!

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