What Are Your Options for San Diego Landscaping Rocks?

May 26, 2017

Rocks are a fantastic resource for San Diego landscaping. They’re natural, appealing, functional and low-maintenance – we know from experience. If you are new to the idea of using San Diego landscaping rocks to enhance the beauty of your yard, read on to find out what options there are in the first place.

Pea gravel

Pea gravel is the smallest decorative rock that packs a big punch visually. Round and smooth like a pebble, it comes in a firework of colors. Because of its size, it can be used as mulch, decorative ground covering or walkway.

Lava rocks

Extremely popular in areas with lots of sunshine and scant precipitation, lava rocks are a very versatile option among San Diego landscaping rocks. When they’re crushed, they are used for covering flower beds, walkways and the yard. It’s usually reddish in color, but it can be nearly completely black.


Shale is a colorful and light option for covering ground. The color palette includes gray, dark red, green, yellow and blue shades. It’s got a flaky structure, so it doesn’t rank very high on the endurance scale.

River rock

River rocks are very similar to pea gravel, but they are larger in size. They have been made smooth and polished by water currents, which is their salient feature. They can even be the pebbles that wash up ashore on beaches – but they’ll still go under the name “river rocks”. Some are pebble-sized and some are as big as softball and the colors are typically shades between brown and gray. They are more beautiful when wet, so they are often used with water features.

Rainbow rocks

Rainbow rocks are very similar to pea gravel and river rocks, but they are the largest of the three. Plus, they have a lot of color variation, which is why they are called rainbow rocks. What is available to buy as “rainbow rocks” is actually a group of various, large and round landscape rocks lumped together, hence the color variety. They can easily add a color interest and can be used for mulch and to hold down weed in troublesome spots.


Because of their size and sculptural effect, boulders are best used as focal points and dividers between areas. Boulders combine nicely with smaller-sized stones and water features.


A variety of stones come in flags. Flagstones are flat and slate-like and are typically used for walkways and paving patios.

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