7 Principles of Xeriscaping

October 27, 2017

Californians never know what the volatile climate has in store for them. That’s why it’s wise to learn how to best prepare for the next drought, which might be closer than we think. A water-efficient household means rational indoor and outdoor water consumption. Whether you have a humble yard with scarce garden space or a vast one with an amazing gardening potential, xeriscaping  could be the answer to both your garden planning dilemma and any future drought. So read on and learn from the best San Diego landscape architects about all the perks of having a xeric garden as well as the 7 essential principles of xeriscape gardening.

#1 The plan and design of your landscape

If you want a successful xeriscape, you’ll definitely need to plan in advance. The best place to start would be to zone out your garden depending on water use. Exposure to the sun and wind, as well as any slopes in your garden, might contribute to a higher water consumption. That’s why you need to make a plan of your garden so that plants that have similar water needs are grouped together and watered accordingly and separately.

#2 Improving the soil of your garden

To achieve the optimum results, you’ll want to enhance the soil quality of your garden, so that it can retain moisture as well as the nutrients that will make your plants thrive. This includes using soil amendments, preferably organic ones, such as compost.

#3 Choose plants with low water requirements

You needn’t restrict yourself to native plant species, but you should go for plants which require little water and can stand the heat, i.e., high temperatures. There’s a wide range of such plants to choose from, including lavish greenery and gorgeous flowers, so you won’t feel like you’re missing out on anything.

#4 Plan turf areas in a practical way

You should give up on any turf areas in your garden that are impractical in terms of maintenance and replace them with water-efficient plants.  You can still have turf, just make sure it’s planted with native grass.

#5 Irrigate efficiently

The crucial point of a xeriscape garden is reducing water use, and efficient irrigation is key to accomplishing this. Drip irrigation or manual watering are the best ways of watering your garden without wasting any water. Not only will you be helping the environment, but also reduce your water bills.

#6 Mulching is a must

Mulch captures water and prevents surface water runoff. It will help you make use of the rain, so you can afford to water your garden less frequently. Mulch will also protect the soil from erosion, as well as regulate its temperature. What’s more, mulching keeps the weed around your tended plants under control.

#7 Garden maintenance

Although a xeriscape garden is generally low-maintenance, you ought to check on your irrigation system every now and then. Otherwise, your plants might get excessive or insufficient watering, either of which can kill them. Monitoring your garden ensures that your plants will have just the right amount of moisture.

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