How to Have a Wonderful Artificial Turf and Pets

April 19, 2017

We have already discussed the benefits of having an artificial turf if you have pets. Let’s look into the maintenance part. While artificial turf does require some maintenance, it requires a considerably lower amount of it than natural grass does. Your reliable San Diego landscaping company recommends that your establish some cleaning and grooming routines that will have your lawn looking spick and span at all times.

Cleaning routines

Best practices show that you should have a weekly and a monthly routine. A weekly hose down combined with an artificial grass cleaner will invigorate your lawn and make it smell like fresh cut grass. Most artificial grass manufacturers will have products in their portfolio to take care of your turf. Specifically designed products like these are non-toxic, typically water-based and efficient in battling fungi, bacteria and algae.

Your monthly routine should include some brushing and raking. You can use a soft bristle broom, but you can also invest in some artificial turf brushes and rakes. There are even electric-powered brushes in the market, if you want the chore to be hassle-free. Regular brushing will stave off compacting and matting that can occur with artificial lawns, especially those unkempt. It will also remove dirt and debris that can pile up and stick to and between the blades.

You can also use a leaf blower to get rid of debris. You might want to remove leaves regularly, as they get more stubborn to remove once they start decomposing. The degradation process is also conducive to moss growth.

Prevent the smell

First off, you should bear in mind that artificial turf is now made with a permeable base, so that it allows liquid waste to sift through. However, to prevent urine odor, you should have some straightforward procedures in place. When you spot your dog or cat doing number 1, give the spot a squirt of cleaner or deodorizer. You alternately use a specifically designed artificial turf cleaner and a deodorizer which wasn’t necessarily intended for artificial grass. There are affordable options typically used for kennels and stables.

As far as number 2 goes, you’ll need a set. There are spade and rake sets, both with their own merits. Spade sets can collect the waste more thoroughly, but the rake is great when you don’t see your pet doing their thing in the lawn and the poop gets cakey. A doggy poop bag and/or a pair of rubber gloves will have you fully covered. When you remove the waste, also give the spot a squirt of cleaner or deodorizer.

Final tips

There are fillings available from artificial turf manufacturers that will make maintenance even easier. Some fillings will reduce heat accumulation and prevent odor build up. A great number is specifically geared toward pets and pet urine odor control.

If you are entertaining guests for a special day or if you are expecting important visitors and you want to ensure your lawn looks its best, try to hose it down and spray with a neutralizer a day or two ahead. Wet artificial lawn will smell stronger in sizzling sun, but once it dries out, the smell will be gone.

You can establish a toilet area in the yard, to keep the odor confined. The cleaning management will be easier, as you will know where to pay attention when it comes to cleaning.

Afraid whether you’ll be able to keep up? All the grooming and cleaning needed to keep your artificial lawn looking perky and lush as ever doesn’t come close to amount of effort needed to have the same result with natural grass. It’s much easier to scan artificial turf for nasty little surprises than it is in natural grass. If you stick to your cleaning schedule, you’ll be able to roll around and enjoy your artificial lawn just like kids and pets do.

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