Xeriscaping for San Diego Landscapes: The What, Why, Who and How

July 31, 2017

Xeriscaping, a very practical and resourceful approach to San Diego landscapes, leaves many homeowners unsure what it exactly is. Here is a little Xeriscaping 101 text to answer the basic wh- questions in connection to this method.

What does xeriscaping mean?

Xeriscaping is a form of water-wise landscaping that is intended to minimize irrigation needs of a landscape. Xeriscaping aims to increase water-efficiency of a yard, while not sacrificing the aesthetic impact and pleasure of a landscape.

The term is made of two Greek words: xeros which means “dry” and scape, meaning “view”. Even those who are not familiar with the concept of xeriscaping are typically familiar with its principles that aim to conserve water.

Why is xeriscaping important?

California has seen many droughts. We are in the 5th, hopefully final, year of one as we write this. Even though droughts are temporary periods of low precipitation and high temperatures, California is doubtlessly becoming drier. Experts estimate that droughts will only get more frequent, intense and longer in the future.

Let this information sink in, together with the statistics that between 50 and 70% of household water consumption goes to water lawns and gardens. It’s plain obvious why xeriscaping is important in California and other warm climates.

Who invented xeriscaping?

Believe it or not, xeriscaping is a relatively young concept. The term was coined in the 1980’s by the city of Denver’s water department. Xeriscaping was suggested as a measure to fight the drought that hit that region in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s.

How is xeriscaping done?

Xeriscaping uses several principles to minimize irrigation needs of a landscape. These principles are:

  • Selecting native, drought-resistant plants
  • Careful landscape planning and design (including rockscaping)
  • Improving soil
  • Watering wisely and water run-off management
  • Reliance on mulch

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