Sculptures as the Main Feature of San Diego Landscapes

November 30, 2017

You’ve probably seen countless San Diego landscapes that you loved, but you want your own landscape to be a real showstopper. Whether you have a water-efficient xeriscape, lush greenery mixed with an all-natural rockscape or still do not know which landscaping materials and colors to use, sculptures can be the crowning glory of your landcape design. With a professional touch, you can have an artistic and absolutely unique landscape enhanced with tasteful sculptures.

Choose the sculpture(s) and a style

The number one thing is, of course, choosing the perfect sculptures. Choices range from modern and sleek to romantic and antique.  Seek professional advice if you are having a hard time choosing the style.

Although the choise is entirely up to you, when incorporating the sculptures into your garden, you’ll need to pick a style and stick to it. This is easier if you are revamping your entire backyard, but it can be done with an existing landscape, too.

As for the material, concrete and limestone are traditional choices, while metal is somewhat more modern and adapts more easily to any style. It is also durable so you can rely on it to not change over time. Also consider the fact that the colors of the surrounding plants should complement the color of the sculpture.

Bascially, what you want is to harmonize the sculpture with the rest of the lanscape. This goes for any trimmings you might be considering, like installing lights to accentuate the sculpture at night. These subtle additions can be the final touch to make the whole place shine. But if you want your project to really be something else, consider a water feature sculpture.

Choose the size

Bear in mind that you need to choose the sculpture size that is proportional to the size of your backyard. A colossal sculpture will not only take up too much space, but also outshine all the other elements in your landscape. A minute sculpture, on the other hand, might be inconspicuous.

Choose the spot

Where you place the scupltures depends largely on what you want to accomplish. If you want it to be the focal point of the garden, the obvious choice is the center of the garden. You might also consider placing it in a beatuiful corner of the garden, preferably surrounded with lavish plants.

If, on the other hand, you’ve got your mind set on an arrangement of smaller scupltures, they can be easily scattered around the garden and perfectly blended with the rest of it. Whatever you decide, you’ll have a work of art in your private gallery.

An artistic approach to San Diego landscapes

Ralco Landscapes & Maintenance understand the value of creativity and dedication, which makes their expertise the perfect match for your landscaping needs. With a tasteful addition of sculptures to your backyard, you’ll feel like royalty. Call us today and see what landscaping miracle we can perform for you!