Retaining walls San Diego are at the foundation of a beautifully landscaped terrain. Have you seen a breathtaking garden with terraces of flower beds and vibrant plant life? Walled terraces don’t just add a visual interest to an outdoor space, they also help against soil erosion and make ground level on a slope. When you have a great terrain, you get room for all the other bells and whistles – water features, waterfalls, steps, patios, focal points, etc.

Masonry wall builders San Diego

Ralco Landscapes & Maintenance is your trusted local San Diego landscaping contractor with the whole gamut of services under one roof. Masonry walls San Diego are part of the full-range of services we provide with a view to catering to all your needs and wishes related to your outdoor space.

The many applications of retaining walls San Diego

There are many situations when San Diego homeowners and business owners would benefit from retaining walls on their property. Here are some of them:

  • Retaining walls San Diego will hold back soil and prevent erosion materials from piling up on your property, by reducing the angle and length of the slope.
  • Retaining walls San Diego can provide you a peace of mind and increased stability in cases when you are not directly threatened by erosion. If your property is below ground fault lines, there is a possibility that you will experience erosion in the case of an earthquake or heavy rainfall.
  • Retaining walls San Diego can reinforce your home’s or commercial building’s foundation if erosion is exposing downhill foundation or compacting an uphill one.
  • Retaining walls San Diego can provide you more usable land for landscaping or planting and they will also control run off water.
  • Retaining walls San Diego can double as a casual seating space.

Masonry walls San Diego and concrete walls San Diego

Natural stone retaining walls have been in use for countless centuries. They hold many benefits, including looking beautiful and rustic. Natural stone walls are often dry stacked without the use of adhesive materials, which is great for drainage management. Water will simply seep through the cracks between stones. Concrete retaining walls San Diego also hold many benefits, most notably durability, affordability and versatility in color and finish.

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Whichever material you choose for your masonry walls San Diego, it’d be advisable to hire professionals to carry out the project. If you want to find local, dependable contractors who have served the community for years, you should contact Ralco Landscapes & Maintenance. Being a full-service San Diego landscaping business, we see the whole picture in every project we take. Owing to our experience and the fact that we work with a team of professionals who each specialize in what they do, we can offer you vast expertise. Get in touch with us today – we’d love to talk to you in person and provide you an on-site estimate!